What are some of the positive and negative effects of masturbation for you?

Positive it relaxes me quicklyNegative I focus on visual too much and it is hard to perform in the dark


Positive: it’s fast and quick, and I can do it whenever I wantNegative: dependency on certain fantasies for climax

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Makes me feel safe and relaxed, but it also lowers my drive.

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I get to explore what some of my kinks might be in a safe spaceNegative: I feel like it has made it harder for me to climax. So when I eventually do have sex with a woman I’m worried I won’t be able to climax and she will feel like it’s her fault.

positive: I mean, it feels good. It also reminds me that I don’t have a physical issue with erectionsnegative: Some feelings of shame, especially now that I’m married. Not so much that it’s always wrong, but if we’re not having sex, and this is how I’m getting fulfilled I don’t like going down that path.

POSITIVE: it’s the release thing of course and helps remind me that I can get it up. I can take my time and focus on myself. Perhaps most importantly I can explore doing new things (without anyone else being judgemental) which just might result in better erections.

NEGATIVE: probably for many of us (who are single or in non-sexual relationships) we haven’t had many other options over the last 15+ months thanks to COVID. My previously enjoyable and long self-pleasuring sessions just seemed to degenerate into quick 2 minute hand jobs between endless Zoom Calls. The wank version of a cheap fast food burger… utimately unsatisfying.


Makes me less used to a real woman

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Positive: Orgasms feel amazing and it’s like a stress reliever. I’ve heard masturbating regularly reduces chances of prostate cancer.

Negatives: Reliance on porn to get me off. Too much masturbating.

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I feel very guilty after watching porn and masturbating. This could not be unrelated to my religious background. I wonder how I will be able to overcome it.

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I try to use masterbation as a way to increase my time before ejaculating.

I masturbate fairly frequently. Sometimes it’s to just feel good, sometimes to get the horniness out of the way to focus on other things, and sometimes to just help me get to sleep. If I am having trouble climaxing while having sex with a partner, I will usually help get them off and then use porn to help get myself off. Sometimes I’ll just let it go and not climax at the time and save it for later, but sometimes I just really want to finish. Depends on the day.

For me masturbation was almost like a destresser and I feel like mayne since I did it a lot while I was still soft that id made me not able to get it fully hard with a partner. Also I cant stop thinking about how I need to stay hard and get hard quicker while masterbating since that means I will ne able to do it with a partner

At one point, I noticed that I was downloading and watching an excessive amount of Porn. I used it for the extreme, theatrical and kinky sexual performances to give me something to fantasize about. It became increasingly harder to fantasize and use my thoughts as a basis for sexual gratification. I also was trying to rush my orgasm as opposed to enjoying the moment.

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Blowing off steam, climaxing, releasing ejaculate. Feeling flat, feeling sticky, not feeling virile.

My wife doesn’t like it

Positive: Great stress reliever when I’m by myself. Also, just an assurance that nothing is physically wrong with my body/penis.Negative: I’ve gotten used to a certain way that I like to be touched. When I’m with a partner, it “feels different” and in that way sometimes I won’t become erect. I am trying to work with my partner to have that same “feeling” in hopes that it can help.

Positive - I know that there isn’t anything physically wrong with me, it’s just a mental block that I need to overcome.Negative - I’m comfortable / used to masturbating in a certain way that’s different than when you’re with a partner.

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Positives: Feels good, exciting and fun, can relieve stress, masturbation may lead to lasting longer with a partnerNegatives: May feel less horny/inclined to have sex after

@growing-jade-python but does it feel good?

I love visualizing my girlfriend when I masturbate… but I’m concerned when I don’t get an erection when I’m actually with her.

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