What affirmations work for you?

The fact that I’m asking alot from him, but we I know we are gonna make it.

Small penises deserve just as much respect as vaginas do. Women should be just as respectful and mature about them as they expect men to be with periods. My penis is functioning normally and responding to my brain in exactly the way it should be. Meaning all I need to change is the way I think and my penis will respond as it’s wired to do. My penis is natural and a part of a beautiful human body and helps communicate important things to me

we will get through this, we are going to suceed

“You are part of me” was a really good one

there might. e two heads but but each needs the other… we are a team so lets act as one…I forgive you.

I find the exercises too awkward to make any use of them. I feel stupid talking to my dick.

You got this! We are in this together!

It’ll happen. Just be patient, just enjoy it.

You got this

It’s always commented on how big it is, so I am thankful for it
When it has been able to stay erect, it has been able to give lots of pleasure to me and others.
It’s is quite a good looking penis!

You are a part of me and my body, and you’re perfect just the way you are! We are a team and will get through this together!

Telling myself that it is completely normal in size and in health, there’s nothing wrong with my penis, it is able to get hard. Its my mind blocking the erections

We’ll do this

we are friends you got this i am you you are me and kinda kinda look at them during foreplay and sex and kinda understand that weve had these moments and that the inner critic is squashed because we are tight now and those are my thought i feel like

This is a process

You are normal, there is nothing to be afraid of

We are perfectly imperfect

I think about how my penis is a part of my body not some separate entity with its own mind. It is controlled by me and my brain and I need to become more at one with it understanding that the root cause of its problems come from my mind and not the penis itself. It really is a fixable issue and my affirmations related to being on the right track of sorting out this problem and working with my penis rather than against it

  • You are part of me. I know you never meant to embarrass me
  • I’m sorry I death gripped you, I didn’t know better.
  • I know I’m asking a lot of you. But we’re working on this together and your enjoyment too.
  • We’re on the right track.

That I will get hard and this won’t last forever