What affirmations work for you?

We are in this together and we’ll get through this.

We are one.

You can do this, you’re good enough and you will be good enough next time

I put a lot of pressure on you in the past but now I’m learning new ways to deal with sexual situations and I now know that that was very unhelpful. There is nothing wrong with you and we’re gonna get through this together. It’s all good.

my penis is always in the state it needs to be in that moment

Size, I keep saying to myself that my penis is a decent size even if it isn’t. That bumps up my self esteem.

This is who I am all of me. I can love my self and my life regardless of what happens. This is not a test. I’m not in danger

I don’t have negative thoughts about my penis. It’s just an organ. When I did this exercise I said to myself, “yoi have done well in the past and you will again. I’m happy with myself and all of my body. We’re going to improve this together”.

Thinking of a memory when I was satisfied with my erection.

You can give your wife amazing pleasure, so much that she wants it all the time.

We are going to get this done. I won’t ever blame you again.

We can do this like we used to. I need to trust you

You are a part of me.

You have nothing to be ashamed of

You’ve brought me lots of pleaaure.
You’ve given my wife lots of orgasms.

“we are safe together”, “we are on the same team”, “I know we never meant to embarras each other”.

We are getting better

I’m proud, everything is ok, im on the right track

You are a part of me and I’m sorry I put pressure on you. We are a team

We’re in this together bud