What affirmations work for you?

Just take it one step at a time. Your partner understands. Breathe and enjoy the moment.

There is nothing wrong with you it’s all in my head

Give yourself time to grow

You’re doing great little fella

I like you

I believe in you and I know you and I will be reconnected again

You have done this before. We can get through this and get back to where we were

I’m still a man

You are worth more than just a hard dick

We are gonna have so much fun tonight!

“We are in this together. This is not just you. This is not just me This will be us as one working together.”

You’re new to this and we’re gonna figure it out together

Your ok it’s just me stopping you go have fun

You are part of me, I’m asking alot

We will work better together again

My own self affirmations have not really done much for me yet, but I’ll keep working on that. My partners affirmations work much better though.

Focus on the breath while stimulating the penis. Focus on the sensations and recognize that the critic is only trying to protect me from embarrasment but in turn it causes flight and fight response.

He tried his best

You are wanted just the way you are

We’re a team and we’ll have a lot of fun together

We’re in this together

Were in this together

We are boysssssz