What affirmations work for you?

Mate, we are in this together. You deserve to enjoy a guy’s ass.

We are a team. And we’ll get back on track. We will get through this.

Affirmations that make me and my penis be on the same team. I am rooting for him and know he is capable of having sex and we are working against the inner critic

We are teammates working together against the inner critic, and I believe in my penis and know it is capable of having comfortable sex

You are part of my body, not a separate part.

Your awesome, it’s not your fault, we’re in this together we are one, we’re on the same team you’re a part of me

Youve been slaying it for decades. Just becasue you are married now doesnt mean its ok to retire, (pokes with stick) if you keep this up, you wont be married anymore, and youll letting down way more than ourselves, ya big dick.

Easy does it
Let it be
I’m deserving of pleasure

We are a team, not enemies

Still at a lost

We’re gonna do this together. You’re fine the way you are

“We’re on the right track and we’re doing the work. The inner critic has never tried or done any work, the inner critic just sits on the sidelines and complains. Ignore them”

You’re doing your job you’re good, it’s me that’s the problem you’re perfect

I am greater than my ups and downs

I know it’s not your fault, I know you did your best, it’s ok to not be hard, I’m proud of you!

None right now

We can change this mindset together

You’re a part of me and you never meant to embarrass me. We’re on the right track.

That my sexuality is only doing what it naturally will, that a soft penis is beautiful and natural, that there’s power in the male body not unlike what renaissance painters would give power to

That we are a team. That it’s a process and that we have to learn to trust each other. I kept telling my penis to get softer and softer and it actually listened!