What affirmations work for you?

We are a team

Not really sure

Sort of daydreaming

The ones that focused on the fact that it sometimes works and is capable of giving me good erections.

This is just a part of my body, not a separate entity. This is completely normal and good. There is nothing wrong with it.

We are gonna be amazing

We are quite a team you and me and we are only getting stronger

I know I put a lot of pressure on you but we’re in this together and you’ve brought me a ton of pleasure before and together we will experience that again.

You are part of me, you are working how you should be.

“It’s okay to be yourself. No one is hard 24/7.”
“I like you just the way you are.”
“We’re a team. Let’s work together on this.”

We’re on track getting through this together

We’re a team don’t worry we’ll get through this together, no pressure when you’re ready you’re ready.

We can do this together. This isn’t your fault. You can rise to this occasion.

Tell him it’s ok and everything will be good and that I know he can perform

We’re a team

Still not working

Your a part of me, I know you never meant to embarrass me - We’re in this together, We’re on track. When I usually say this when a negative thought comes, it helps the process of me overthinking the situation.

Sorry to put you in this predicament; it is not your fault. We will work through this together.

I’m realizing that I feel self conscious about my size when soft. I have a grower, and I am comfortable with it when hard. So if a new partner sees / touches me when I’m soft, I feel pressure to get hard quickly to show her the difference.

Even then, it doesn’t matter. I can acknowledge that any size penis can satisfy a woman. The same way I appreciate all shapes and sizes of women, each is different and sexy in its own way.

So telling myself that I can satisfy her, that it’s not uncommon or a problem to be smaller when soft, is helpful. The self consciousness goes pretty deep though, so I imagine it will continue to be a bit of a reset in the process with each new partner.

Don’t worry, let me do the heavy lifting, you sit back and enjoy yourself