To what extent are sexual fantasies part of your life and relationships?

My partner doesn’t really help in my orgasm. And if at all? Half heartedly or leaves me to finish myself off…so, my fantasies are an absolute must. When having sex with others, I have trouble between being in the moment and fantasizing.

I use fantasies before going to bed to start getting in the mood

Brought up a few different ones, pretty vanilla ones… no dice. Haven’t shared any of the kinkier ones. It’s just not her thing. Used to really make me mad but I’ve since learned how to deal with things like that. We’re two different people and I can either be ok with her decision on leave. And I ain’t leaving.

They are becoming a regular feature… they are really important to me.

I use them often.

I fantasize a lot but in the past ive rejected those fantasies because I used to think that was cheating (i had a tendency to think of other girls). But I wanna put it into practice now, since Ive learned thats not necessarily cheating.

Sexual fantasies have never really been part of my life. I guess this is due to the fact that I’m not the most comfortable being that open. But now I think it could be a great tool for dealing with performance anxiety.

Not so much, but I’m noticing more and more how pre-arousal helps with sexual performance. I can see how adding fantasies to the mix can help.

They’re a proof that I can have an erection, just would like to have it and keep it more in the real world.

It’s mostly my own and I will share harmless ones to my girlfriend. The darker ones I just keep to myself

My wife and I share all the time, it helps to keep things spicy.

I think I fantasize plenty on my own. But haven’t really shared with my wife. She isn’t real adventurous and I feel like she would feel like she wasn’t enough if she wasn’t willing to fulfill them.

there was a period where we fantasizes with eachother about letting the other person fuck someone else. cuckolding. its really hot in the moment. but i feel like sometimes it makes me insecure like the guy might be able to please her more or have a bigger dick. so im torn whether to embrace this fantasy or loose it

That’s kinda hot actually speaking as a gay dude. Might go over well better than you think.

Not at all. I prefer to be in the moment with my partner and maybe use the memories of those moments to masturbate when we can’t be together.

As others have said similar things, I have a fairly narrow set of fantasies and would like to explore other things to add to an erotic bank. It would be nice to find other things that could turn me on.

I haven’t used fantasy during sex for ages but this was a good reminder to reignite the habit.

In relationships I’ve share my fantasies and always had positive reactions. Having a safe space to share what we’d like really turns me on. Especially the idea of having mine fulfilled and fulfilling theirs

I’ve always had fantasies and they are wide ranging but usually felt ashamed of them. I’ve wanted to share them with my partner but feel foolish and embarrassed even with small fantasies. I like the idea of encouraging fantasy and giving permission to keep as much or as little private.

We talk about our fantasies but tend to have a hard time acting on them with each other and more so explore them solo