To what extent are sexual fantasies part of your life and relationships?

I’d like to have the confidence to act on more of my fantasies

I’m single so I try to use fantasies if I’m ever horny and want to masturbate. This is an area I want to expand on though because I feel like I tend to go back to the same fantasies or rely on porn to get me going instead of what is in my own mind. When I do fantasize I notice my orgasms are more powerful.

I would like to share my fantasies with my wife, but her brain doesn’t seem to work that way. She either doesn’t fantasize or isn’t interested in sharing.
I wish she would open up more.

I am ashamed of my fantasies and don’t feel safe discussing them with my wife. The more I try to separate from them the more I seem to be pulled to them.

I can see the benefit of using my own fantasies to get an erection during sex. And I want to get better at it, especially to get out of my head.
Fantasies don’t really play a direct role in my relationships. I just want to have sex man…

Not a large part if I’m honest. They are going to become one though

I’ve had fantasies for as long as I can remember. But not when I’m with my girl. I’m focused on her. This may be challenging. But I’ll give it a try.

I do find that writing down my sexual experiences helps me stay in touch with my sexual successes and keep my libido fairly strong and constant.

I’ve shared with my wife before but she says she doesn’t have any. I would like to open her up some and she’s if she can explore what she wants.

They used to help me during sex. Lately, im having trouble connecting with them.

I ama a windowed so dont have a current partner. my late wife used to whisper fantasies to me and it turned me on. I never done the same for her and I now regret it.

It works well

Being single bi sexual and non monogamous fantasies are a big part of my life but not relationships.

Fantasies must be shaped within dynamic boundaries. They are moments of truth that we choose to act on or suppress.

Not much

I would want to imagine a sexual fantasy quickly and easily.

They were a big part until porn became so available. I am excited to bring it back as the main way to get excited when alone, and it will help my sex life too.

Healthy spirt

Just putting my wife against the wall, then bending her over and pounding her doggy style …YA!

They keep me up and going… Sometimes though they sabotage my erection when they come uncontrollably and spontaneous from one to another particularly where they involve other women…