To what extent are sexual fantasies part of your life and relationships?

A lot and I didn’t know it was normal, I thought I was super weird and neurotic.

One thing I’m struggling with is how to deploy a fantasy during sex without it being spectatoring

Been single after separation for 3 years, so no real relationship to share with

Ok lll

As a teenager they were very present, especially in dreams. But as I’ve used porn more & more, they’re less present. I would like them back

It drives me wild for a girl to watch me masturbate :eggplant:

Not a part of my life w my partner but they are strictly for myself.

I’d want to think more about my own. I’m naturally very dominant and want to explore more ways to tie girls up. And more ways for them to submit that they agree with.

My most recent sexual partner fully embraced the dom side of me which really turned me on but i had to think of other things to finish strangely and relied on pills to get hard initially so as to deal with the ed which i didn’t tell her about. I want to use fantasies over porn which I’ve stopped watching since doing this and think this is healthier and will help to improve erections

I’d like to have other to go fantasies besides my go to taboo when in the moment and need to get hard

I’m also bi and my partner knows and seems okay with it but she doesn’t know how big a part that plays in my fantasies. I’m not sure how much to reveal since a lot of it is stuff that she can’t fulfill.