To what extent are sexual fantasies part of your life and relationships?

Ww have discussed them

I’ve used fantasy in the past while having sex and it kind of worked, but I was still thinking about my erection. I think I will use fantasies in the future probably before sex to be more aroused at the start.

I’m not sure if using fantasy will be the same as using porn… Why is it different?

I wish I was not ashamed of my fantasies and willing to share them with my partner

They aren’t a huge part at the moment because I’m learning to curb my porn compulsion but I would definitely like to replace any thoughts of porn with fantasies of my own.

They can be a way to share and connect, but there are some to share and some to keep to yourself. Share the ones you want to enjoy with your partner. Hold the ones that belong in your past, or that you just want to enjoy yourself, and not in real life.