To what extent are sexual fantasies part of your life and relationships?

I’ve got out of the habit of thinking about anything erotic so I’ll give this a go…

Yes they are and I worried that they were unhealthy until I did the section of mojo. I thought me making fantasies was wrong for my relationship and it was a form of mental cheating. So the negative connotation was just another negative thought in the mountain of negative thoughts I have in and around my sex life.

I would change the way I perceive my fantasies and might even ask my gf if she would be ok with something like roleplay and keeping a lot of the others personal.

I do not have a partner. I am dating a few people and just seeing where it leads.

I’m in the same situation. I won’t probably take the courage to say that ever. Anyway, what good of that? We’re not so open to invite somebody else to our bedroom, especially another dude, so… These fantasies will probably stay with me forever.

always i imagine the pov blowjob with the girls but with my girlfriend I’m never have this erotic experience

Fantasy lore

Big part of my life and also my relationship - girlfriend and I are into the same stuff but it feels difficult to execute together as a lot of it is about control I have with myself. So I want to try it with her to explore our fantasies together, rather than practicing it in private

I feel like I’m shutting off a part of my sexual desire by ignoring fantasies because “my girlfriend is enough”. She is, but I could get more enjoyment by leaning into what I like

I think fantasy is something I’m good at imagining, but I will try to do more when I masturbate when I generally think of my wife, and see what happens.

I’ve shared in the past and it went well but I still felt some shame about consistently doing it, so it was easier not to.

It’s great sharing fantasies when I feel comfortable enough with my partner to do so. But when I feel that they might judge me for them, I am reluctant to share. But when I have shared and those fantasies have turned into role plays, it was great.

I’ve previously been pretty bad at sharing fantasies with my partner, but have done so from time to time, and it’s generally been a good experience. It doesn’t tend to extend to playing out any fantasy (e.g. I like the idea of watching my partner finger herself, but my partner doesn’t really want to) but I find just the fact that she knows that I like that sort of thing is a kind of turn on in itself.

None at the moment. I really try to zone in the present moment. Even if I struggle, long run, it will be better. However, I do want to try costume fantasies.

Nonexistent at the moment. When I go soft, I have nothing in the bank and that’s what makes me spectate. I think this will help, especially if I get creative

My sex life has been mostly fantasy for many years as my sexual relationship with my wife has dwindled. And over that time my ability to get erect from my fantasies has also dwindled. I don’t believe that my erection issues are due to not having a vibrant mental landscape of fantasies, more not having a receptive partner.

I don’t know. I definitely have some fantasies that I go to in private, but when I do that with my partner it just makes me feel like i’m more in my head and less in the moment, and ends up making the problem worse. When I lose my arousal, it’s like cold water was dumped on me, and I’m just not interested in sex anymore.

I don’t know. I usually only have fantasies when I have a crush on a new person or I’m seeing someone. It can even be an attractive person I happen to come across on social media. I haven’t given much thought honestly, until I took this course.