Soft when laying on your back

Just curious… when I’m on top I never seem to have any issues, but when my wife is on top I always go soft within the first minute or so. Does anyone else encounter this or have gone through this? What helped the most?

Do you know what the primary cause of your ED is?

I do not. I’m 41 now and started having issues in my early 20’s. I have gone to a few drs that either chalked it up to it being a mental thing or wanted to throw meds at me. Meds just gave me a headache and didn’t help.

Yes I had the same issue. It is now worse as I cannot maintain an erection on top either.

This also happens me, I can’t even finish unless I am thrusting down the way, I have never finished myself or even come close to feeling like I was going to with my hand , nor has receiving oral ever made me feel like I was even remotely close to and usually I just end up going soft after a while

Can relate to this.

also have had this problem. haven’t looked it up but i always think it could be to do with blood flow. blood falls away from the penis when you’re lay on your back maybe? in which case it would be weak pelvic floor muscles not being able to keep the blood reaching the penis