Smoking marijuana

Do you guys think that smoking weed could be a cause of ED


If anything it makes you horny

It affects different people differently. For me, getting high definitely makes my ED worse. I might feel more horny but also it increases my anxiety and gets me more in my head.

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Yea, for me at least. I would say that I’m an avid marijuana user, and I use both indica and sativa. regardless of the strains, I would initially be aroused especially if there is a stimulus but then once I take my hand off of my penis, it gets soft rapidly. I tried cutting back on weed, it has been about 2-3 days since I last smoked, and I can say that my ED has been getting somewhat better.

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Yes it can. Especially long term use. You know how a lot of the psychological exercises are for the nervous system? Marijuana negatively affects the nervous system. It’s also a source of phytoestrogens

Agreed. I tried smoking a herb mix with the weed and that was still not great.