PTSD from a couple misscarages

My wife and I decided to start to try for a second child . We got pregnant in January and had a miscarriage, then we got pregnant again shortly after that ended is a miscarriage.

Now that we got to the root cause of them and are able to try to start again. Once we start intercourse Immediately get into my hear and have pretty much a panic attack. It’s effecting me in my everyday life now .

I’m stuck

That’s so rough. Definitely tackle it from every angle. I’m doing mojo, talk therapy, and got some prescriptions for tadalafil in the meantime. Good luck!

I hear you mate. We had several failed IVF attempts (1 successful in the end, thankfully) it’s left is both apprehensive about sex, to the point where we don’t really even bother anymore. Bit when we do my anxiety is massive. Hence why I’m here to try new things to help.
Make sure you talk and listen to each other. Take it slow, there’s a lot to unpack. All the best with it.

That’s tough man!

My problem is that I am my own worse enemy.

I just went 4-5 weeks with having good sex. But the moment I wake up the next day I already say to my self “ you got lucky “

I pretty much self sabotage myself.

Than the first failed time that just happened the other day I spiral out of control. And I get rittled with anxiety and depression just become a shell of myself.

My wife’s amazing and understands but it feels as if there’s an elephant in the room until we have another baby and can close that chapter