Mojo Trial Period

On day 3 of the trial…day 1 had some quick “lessons” to go through but 2 and 3 have only been Box Breathing exercise. I don’t expect them to give away the farm during the trial, but will there be other information to gauge if this program is right for me? Tough to get a sense of what I’d be paying for. Any guidance is appreciated…

Dealing with a lot of performance anxiety…recently out of a 15 year marriage and back to dating. Seems everyone I meet has a lot more “experience” than me so I get in my head about how I’ll stack up and go soft during sex. Would love for this to be the program that gets me through it.

There are some really informative things on here if you stick it out. Sometimes it can be pretty slow, if you don’t really feel like you’ll need it I would recommend starting with just two weeks and seeing how that goes. You do get a bunch more articles and things in the first week, kinda like them showing you you made the right choice by paying

The trial period is a balancing act. Mojo are mindful that a lot of us here are anxious. So the trial period is a gentle introduction that doesn’t overwhelm you with too much information at once. The longer you stick with the programme the more exercises you get to learn. I recommend that you continue.