Mojo Connect - 14th September 2021

Thank you all for joining Mojo Connect last night. It was a great lively session and we know many of you wanted to carry on chatting. We have created this thread with everyone that attended on Monday 13th September so that you can connect and check in on each other.

Does anyone have any feedback or requests about the session or Mojo in general?



I think it was great just to be able to get shit off our chests. The darkness in our minds only holds power when we let it fester, when we drag it out into the light and laugh at it together, it loses its hold, piece by piece. My only feedback is that the session should be longer. I feel like a lot of the guys had more to say and just wanted to vent a little, and that’s what it’s here for right? Anyway, I’ll talk to you guys next week! -Ron


Hi Ron - I am really glad it helped and thanks very much for the useful feedback. It has been noted!

Super helpful. I really appreciate you opening this space up to chat with those on the call. There were a few guys in room 3 that seemed to resonate with the performance issues. For me, my wife having a more active libido has been an issue and it was helpful to hear other men chat about that. There have been many times in our marriage that I could not keep up with her—emotionally in bed and physically in bed. I felt so much pressure early on in marriage to keep getting it up in a weekend get away and that is where my struggle began. My wife dismisses it and feels like it is normal to have sex 5 time in 2 days and still want more. I couldn’t and now I deal with the fear of not meeting expectations. Feels like I am less of a man. I know now that is in my head, I am not the only one who deals with this. Thanks gentlemen. I would be encouraged to hear other stories like this and how you are getting your of your head.—Michael.

A bit longer sessions would be great to actually talk and respond to each other’s stories

enlightening that it’s not physical but in my head along with most other attendees.
Had a great conversation with them all and now on the road to take back control of my head space,
My wife has noticed a difference in me and also she has stepped up after are conversation about what was going on in my head, so things are changing for the good and I will be attending more sessions.