Masturbation questions

I came here to ask if it is okay to masturbate every time and If so what should it be used for ? Very curious about this and if you are reading this thank you for taking your time to answer this.

Not sure about your question here. Do you mean is it ok to masturbate every time you watch porn? If so, I can’t see why not - wouldn’t make very good TV otherwise - but the question will be how much you watch porn and why do you watch it and if watching porn is actually helpful to you. There is material on mojo about use of porn in a balanced way.

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Thank you for taking your time to comment on this I meant to say what way should masturbation should be used for speaking In which I do it because I get bored or just get they feeling every once and a while so I am curious about this :sob:

No problem , thanks.

I don’t think there are any rules there - don’t need to masturbate if you don’t want to or don’t enjoy it.

Mojo has some guided masturbation exercises that may encourage you to masturbate in different ways which you may find more enjoyable. Also the solo sensate exercises I found really good. Masturbating more mindfully i.e focusing on the sensations in your body has also been good. These have really deepened my masturbation and I enjoy it much more. I don’t want to as frequently but when I do it’s so much more satisfying for me.

I think the main purpose of masturbation is for your own pleasure / enjoyment. You can also use it to understand yourself as you can explore the sort of touch (where, pressures, speeds) that feels good for you and to experiment with understanding of how you feel in different states of arousal and how you progress through to orgasm. This can help when you have sex with a partner as you may have better control over your orgasms ( but no guarantees!)

If you have concerns over sex desire/ drive (which varies person to person and over time anyway) could explore that eg get medical check up for any physical issues.


I just want to say thank you again you have helped me more than I will ever know and I will take this and apply it to my life thank you for taking your time Again to reply :grin::sunglasses: