Last night was an improvement

I have a long distance relationship with an amazing woman and we only get to be physically together every couple of months. Last time we were together, she started talking about my erection issues, and I promised I’d work on those. So, I’ve been dieting, exercising regularly and using Mojo for like three weeks now.
Last night we were together after a couple of months and we had really good sex. Granted, I’d taken a pill, but in the past I’d done the same and the results were not as successful. Last night my erection was hard, I managed to get inside her easily, I maintained for a good amount of time. At some point she even got distracted by something that was bothering her in bed and I didn’t lose it. In the past, any distraction was a killer. This time I felt I was getting a little soft inside of her and focused on the pleasure and managed to get it back to 100%. It was a great time and I followed a lot of the lessons I’ve learned here. I’ll be with my girlfriend for three weeks, hopefully that was the first on many more successful nights.


This is inspiring. I don’t know if congrats is the right way to say it, but this is awesome and I’m hoping for a similar story the next time my wife and I get a chance.


Thanks, I’m aware this is a journey, and that there might be ups and downs, no pun intended. But I feel that I’ve learned useful things and strategies. And the community helps too

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Hell yeah, brother! Are you planning on keeping on the pill or trying to taper off over time?

I plan to stop using them over time

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