Is your foreskin too tight to pull back when soft?

If you have a foreskin and it is too tight to pull back when soft, this is called “Phimosis”.
It is important to be able to wash under the foreskin when you shower to remove smegma and prevent infections.

Many people have never had this explained to them, you are not alone.

• Check with your clinician if there are any underlying skin conditions.

• Try products like stretcher-grommets, which increase in gauges and can even be peed through.

• When in warm water gently stretching your foreskin back till you feel the stretch but not pain. This is easiest while you are erect, ensure it returns afterwards. If you cannot return it forward again, seek medical assistance.

• Adult circumcision is possible, but often avoidable with the above done slowly step by step.


If you have a child with a foreskin. Consider “if you didn’t talk to them about this the result might be them going through surgery later on.”

Doctors and schools don’t raise this topic for parents. So look at the feeling of awkwardness, acknowledge it, put it aside & calmly do it anyway.

They can only start stretching their foreskin as puberty hits around 11/12 and this is the easiest time to do it compared to later in life.

Explaining what to do before puberty can mean they feel more prepared and less overwhelmed with info when it starts.