I found Phimosis is the root cause for my PE. But how to cure it?

I figured out that the condition I have is phimosis (excess foreskin causing the sensitivity). When I pull back the foreskin and feel the glans, I feel the inner skin is too sensitive and also sides of the glans too. What can be done to resolve this issue?

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The inner skin of the foreskin is the most sensitive part of the penis. Far more sensitive than than the part just below the glans on the underside that comes second. So in all seriousness if it’s not a religious issue you could get a circumcision. I know it doesn’t sound pleasant but I’m sure they drug you up. Aside from that you could use desensitization wipes which are just like wet wipes with lidocaine on them that basically numb you a little while you’re having sex. Also obviously condoms help a little.

My phimosis was more a tightening of the foreskin making it impossible to pull it back…by the time I’d plucked enough courage to go to the doctor, circumcision was the only option.

It has made all the difference so was the right decision. But there’s no dressing it up, an adult circumcision is a painful experience - the actual procedure is fine, it’s just the recovery that’s not much fun. I do wonder if I’d got onto the problem earlier whether various steroid creams could have tackled the issue without need for surgery…but still no regrets on getting the cut.
Anyway - probably best to get a professional opinion - sooner rather than later to give yourself the most options.

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I got a circumcision about 9 years ago for this. Mine had progressed into the foreskin getting very tight around the tip until it was painful to have an erecting and to get it to exit the foreskin…
I would go get it removed just for health considerations.

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I also had phimosis and opted for a circumcision. Nonetheless, here I am, still with PE, but now with a much clearer horizon.

During my time with phimosis I developed patterns of stress and physical tension. I would tighten my PC muscles to feel more in control of my penis during sex so that I wouldn’t risk a tear, only to eventually cause a hypertonic pelvic floor. The stress of pain during sex really got me off on the wrong foot, and ever since my circumcision I’ve been working on relaxing my muscles and reminding myself that I have nothing to worry about. “It’s all good, baby” in a silly voice is my go-to mantra, followed by a deep breath and focussed sensing into this beautiful physical plane.

I’ve made real progress, physically and mentally, and I’d attribute a lot of it to my circumcision. Although it’s always worth reminding myself that my issues are predominantly psychological. Some patterns developed during phimosis, some after.

I definitely recommend getting that circumcision. It’ll hurt like hell but once you’ve come out the other end, so rewarding, so relaxing.

Best of luck to ya! And if you need any more reason for the surgery, get this… my penis grew dramatically in girth afterwards as it gained room to breathe! Pretty neat

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I have phimosis (22 year old). I believe it is the cause of not being to feel much when having penetrative sex with my girlfriend. I’m currently on steroid cream and has worked to some extent, as when it is soft I can pull the skin back. But when it is hard I can’t. Does anyone know how long it take for steroid cream to work for the erect penis?