Extremely Sensitive Head

So let me start this off by saying I’m uncircumcised and had a condition called phimosis until I was 17 (I am 21 now). It consists of having a really tight foreskin which made it painful to masturbate for the longest time. Once the foreskin was loosened, my frenulum (the tendon connected to the head of the penis) was too tight and had surgery two years later to loosen that. I am now at a point where I can masturbate and instead of lasting ~30 seconds I can last up to 5-10 minutes with constant pauses and not touching the head of my penis. This is a great advancement on what my position was years ago BUT I find myself with an extremely sensitive head.
When I masturbate or have sexual encounters, as soon as the head of my penis is stimulated I extremely quickly reach the point of no return. I can last longer without touching the head- but it’s not realistic during penetration.
I was wondering if anyone else had this issue and what they are doing about it. It’s literally just the head of my penis which is so sensitive and it seems as if it’s the only thing holding me back from longer sexual encounters.


Yup I’m the same with my tip being extremely sensitive and the smallest thing can set me off.

Does using a condom reduce sensitivity allowing you to last longer. Perhaps use the marginally thicker ones designed for anal sex which may offer an enhanced level of desensitisation

Or try a cream or lube with a mild anesthetic, sex shops have them and they help reduce the sensation. I’ve never tried one, as I struggle with ED, so that wouldn’t help, but in your case it might.


My experience is very similar. I am 70 and only recently learned that I had a phimosis after experiencing urinary incontinence. My G.P. recommended MOMETASONE OINTMENT - active ingredient MOMETASONE furoate 1mg/g. I have been using it twice daily morning and night for a month and can now retract my foreskin past the meatus or head. My G.P. says to continue using the ointment for another month.
Thanks for sharing your story. :+1:

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I have this too, I went to get a circumcision when I was around 18 bit fainted in the doctor’s office when he told me the procedure. Never followed through.
I’m also super sensitive on the tip, interesting to know I’m not the only one out there!
I am very interested in this Mometasone ointment. Is it available over the counter, or just through doctor’s?
Have always found doctor’s don’t really give a rats ass, or Google the same stuff I can.