Is this really helping anybody?

just started my subscription and im wondering if it has actually helped anyone?

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I signed up about 10 mins ago, got an incredibly low score :cry: and wondering the same thing.

Does this actually help in the long run?

That’s my same question, will this really help? I’m willing to try

My experience is that it really helps A LOT.
Yes it takes time, and we are all different with different issues. Has is “fixed” everything… well not yes… but I’ve come a long way.
Believe in the program… but more importantly… believe in yourself…
It takes work and practice… There is a bit of “two forward - one back”… I’ve happily signed up for a second 3 months… because I see progress sexually and just in every day life.


Yes, in a big way, but have patience. It’s taken me five months but I’m rising through the other side now.

Real connection. Growing confidence. More presence. More relaxed. More enjoyable.

Give yourself time. It’s not a quick fix because the issue is a little deeper rooted than you might think- or at least it was for me.

Kegels, stretches, lessons, and meditation helped me get through it. All for the better now; and at times we both didn’t think we’d ever have sex again (I’m M mid 30s).

Hang in there, lower your own bar, and stick with it.


I know how you feel as I felt the same way - I can honestly it’s helped me enormously with results in less than two weeks, do stick at it.


Its helping me tremendously!

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I’m afraid it doesn’t really help me. The community boards are useful but the exercises not at all.

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Keep going! The exercises build on themselves. I’ve seen progress after a lifetime of failure. You’re not alone!


Yes it does help, it helped me, and it gives you the confidence and energy to actually revert even bad situations and get out of them, it’s worth it

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It takes time, I’ve been using it for a week, and already feeling better - not the same as before, but it’s a journey. Stick with it!