If you’ve tried meditation, how did it help?

I’ve tried meditation, and I’ve been using Headspace for the past two weeks, but I’ve never noticed a meaningful difference in thought patterns. I’m able to recognize when I’ve been in a negative cycle, but I haven’t been able to create distance between myself and the thoughts. I hope to be able to do that better over time.

I have tried meditation many times before, but inconsistently. I tend to start it up again every time I feel like I’m in a spike of stress. But I what I should is make a habit of doing it however I’m feeling so that those stress spikes are less frequent or less potent.

I haven’t ever tried meditation, but am interested to learn how I can use it as a tool to reduce stress and anxiety, and hopefully develop using it to be more present and relaxed when making love with my wonderful patient woman.

I’m new to meditation. Im looking for A way to regulate my thoughts and my body effectively

Meditation definitely helps me focus on what’s right in front of me. I become more attentive and aware of the environment around me. I drive better, I listen better, I have more fun.

Tried it before, didn’t see any results. I’m still willing to give it another go

Tried it before whithou success,my mind just wouldn’t allow me, hope I have better luck this time

Meditation helped me with inner awareness whereby I can pay attention to my inner thoughts and actually work to introduce new thoughts into my conscience

Helps calm the mind and stop triggers overwhelming me

To calm my mind and stay in the moment

I really want meditation to help, I first noticed during Pilates which I started this year and this woke up my interest in sex. Since I woke up I am looking at ways to improve sex with my wife and I am hoping the Mojo meditation will do that. Also it sounds like it should help in all areas of my life and by extension my families lives.

I’ve only recently started meditating. It definitely helps me regulate stress/anxiety in the moment , and I can feel great afterwards. I haven’t yet seen it impact my daily life

I have tried meditation a few times in the past and have always struggled with it. It has always been more generally focused in those attempts so I am hoping it will be more effective with a more specific goal.

Calming my mind

It helped me find new perspective on just letting the quiet wash over me. Being quiet and present for just 10 minutes was something I struggled with when I started but got much easier as I kept practicing.

I have always been intrigued about meditation. Im looking forward to incorporating into my life.

I’m hoping to get rid of the monkey mind and raging thoughts in order to concentrate on relaxing and enjoying sex.

Didn’t work

I’ve become more aware of how my brain can spin itself out of my control

I have done meditation intermitently and i noticed a few benefits after a couple of consecutive sessions. A slight improvement in focus, remaining more composed while deciding/judging things, and a more relaxed state of mind. But all of these have been temporary because I never really invested the time.