If you’ve tried meditation, how did it help?

I have never tried meditation because my thought always feel like im right in the middle of rapids. Too many thoughts to even calm myself let alone relax. Hopefully it will at least let me control this feeling to some extent.

I’ve tried medidation in the past but have never really stuck with it.

After reading some of the comments below, and having listened to friends and colleagues about the benefits of meditation for all areas of your life, I’m more determined than ever to give it another go to help me overcome the anxiety I’ve felt before in the bedroom.

I haven’t tried meditation for ED, but for other issues I did, and it definitly helps a lot in managing my thoughts, feelings and emotions. Actually think my past experience helped when doing the inner coach exercise. Willing to try now!

Meditation makes me more aware of when my mind is slipping and allows me to pull myself back to reality when I notice this happening

Meditation helps me just be in the moment. It also lets me be non judgmental on whatever comes my way

I am hoping to reclaim that part of me that gets lost in the downward spiral of negative thoughts.
I know that my issues started with fatigue and stress levels yet it’s in my mind now, that worry, the anxiety that it may happen again. I’m hoping to shake that part of me that disbelieves even tho deep down I know I’m ok. To learn to be the moment not just be in it, feel senses and be lost in the the enjoyment of sex again.

Has helped me relax

I’ve tried meditating before but I struggle to make it a regular part of my life, so I don’t think I’m getting the benefits because of how sporadic I do it.

Not much

Control over my mind and help me be in the moment

Hoping to learn a new life skill

While I’ve never tried meditation, I am skeptically hopeful that some benefit comes from it. My mind is never “quiet” and it gets “louder” when in any remotely sexual encounter.

It feels like the key to quieting a really busy mind. I used to think my active mind was an asset, being analytical but have started to think it’s maybe just a positive spin I’ve put into anxiety.

I’m hoping to be able to do away with negative thoughts about getting an erection with meditation.


I have used meditation intermittently for sports performance anxiety and it helped a ton. I never made the connection that my erection issues function in the same way as my performance anxiety in sports, but now that I know this I am more than willing to try meditation to help with my erection issue as well

I’m hoping to be able to calm my mind so it’s not racing and thinking about other things when I’m trying to have sex

To redirect my thoughts away from the negative and stay in the here and now.

Takes me out of fight or flight mode. Brings me back to belly breathing. Less tension and neck and rest of body.

Being more in peace and calm about my days, which would automatically improve my love life.