If you’ve tried meditation, how did it help?

I am calmer and better at reducing panic

Meditation has definitely made me feel more calm and relaxed. Especially immediately following practicing.

While I’m still very new to it I do believe it is having positive effects to my ability to let outside influences just roll off my shoulders and not get me down.

I haven’t yet had the opportunity to see if it has impacted my erection during sex but I have noticed I am waking in the morning with erections more frequently, so I am very optimistic.

Meditation, prayer, journaling - have all been important parts of my life for helping to bring down the high levels of stress that I experience - much of which is from my own habits of worrying and catastrophising! Just last week we looked at Jesus words in the gospel according to Matthew telling us not to worry. I’m looking forward to applying meditation to the sexual side of life and seeing how it goes.

I tried briefly to do breathing exercises, but have not fully tried mediation.

Proper breathing

I have ADHD. So trying to calm my mind is exceptionally hard. I have used mindfulness to some extent in the past to think about what I was thinking about when I was struggling with a bit of OCD. It really helped. I want to try it for my ED issue as well.

When I did meditate back in the day I feel like I was less anxious and more focused-had a better outlook overall

I have yet to trey meditation, but I hope it will help.

There was a period in my life, a few years ago, that I was meditating daily. This period was one of the best I’ve ever felt mentally. It definitely helps.

Meditation has helped me generally in life but not really in the bedroom. I have had some moments of feeling totally relaxed and confident but I seem to continually revert back to a fearful performance oriented mindset. One overally benefit though, has been that when things don’t go well in the bedroom, I don’t let it dominatey enjoyment of other parts of my life in the way I used to.

I don’t really meditate at all, but after reading these comments I will give it a try. I feel like my mind wanders constantly. Hoping this will help.

The Day one meditation was very negatively focused. I wasn’t thinking about any of the things that were mentioned in the meditation until it kept being brought up

It seemed to help some when I tried a few years ago. I wish I never stopped!

I’ve done it a few times and once had an amazing, almost mind blowing experience with it. But that was genuinely a long time ago…

I am re-doing the course and meditation is a powerful tool

It’s giving me a way to emotionally regulate, and check in with myself. I’ve never used it for sexual performance… But why not! It’s helped me in almost every other way

i havent meditated often enough to see if there is a difference, but after meditating i feel much more relaxed and healthier

I haven’t tried it yet

I’m hoping that I can get some calming effects that allow me to be in the present

To me, meditation is almost like the opposite of scrolling through feeds on my phone. When I do this, I feel anxious, disconnected, and struggle to care. When I meditate, I feel more of a sense of peace and focus.