If you’ve tried meditation, how did it help?

This is my first time so I am excited, but yet skeptical to see if this is going to work.

This is my first time so I’m excited yet skeptical to see if and how this works.

I’m just able to focus on what’s happening physically instead of the negative thoughts in my head

Have fully delved into meditation yet, but am definitely going in with an open mind that it will have some positive impacts on my sexual well being , and just my well being in general!

I’ve never tried meditation and just figured it was for hippies and hipsters. I always joked that my meditation is scolding some of the ridiculous customers at my job!!!

But with uncertainty with where I want to live in the coming months, a confusing relationship status, and a lot of changes that are inevitable, I can understand why my mind is not focused on sex and that meditation may help. It’s certainly worth a try and I can see the correlation between mental health and sexual performance.

I have only been meditating for a out a week now, but I can already sense it helping me. It has helped me to listen to recognize my inner voice. I can sense it just beginning to help me place that voice into a more “third-person” category and return to calm breathing. I am not good at that yet, but in my short week of meditating I have noticed it enough to be motivated to continue

Never tried meditation, the idea of quietening that inner critic sounds interesting.

Well personally this is my first time here so I can’t really say, but before this I can say that meditation has helped me alot in life, as far as to make me see life differently.

In the past, meditation has helped me to focus my thoughts and energy, feel less stressed, and produced an overall state of increased calm.

I did combine meditation and masturbation in the past and it was incredibly powerful, almost like making love to yourself!? I’m keen to start working on this again.

Reduce anxiety

I have never really tried meditation, always been a bit sceptical until very recently, but I know I have always had a hard time keeping anxiety/stress under control so I am looking forward to learning how to do it.

Has reduced my stress levels didn’t notice at first but after two weeks it was obvious

Meditation has helped me cope with the loss of a very serious relationship that ended due to an unhealthy sex life. It’s helped me sleep and control the way I feel things, it helped me notice that it wasn’t all my fault and that I can get passed this with help

I have a very busy mind. meditation helps clear it out, but I need to be more regualr and routine about it.

hasn’t ever really helped me, though controlled breathing has helped me calm down and think clearly in stressful or anxious situations

I haven’t been doing it enough to see any changes.

I haven’t started doing this routinely yet bit am keen to commit to it 1st thing in the am

Absolutely; it’s allowed me to more objectively view my ED insecurities as random contents in my consciousness, and becoming more aware of it means it’s less likely to capture and seize my attention

Meditation has been great for me in daily life controlling my emotions and staying focused