If you’ve tried meditation, how did it help?

meditation has helped me be more mindful and helped me run through my day in my head, which helped me decrease my stress. i haven’t meditated for that long though but i am excited to start this adventure

i have never meditated before but ive heard great things about its power so i am open to trying it.

I’ve meditated for years to manage stress and improve focus. It’s an essential part of my life.

Meditating has been immensely helpful in allowing me to calm and relax, but also helping me get to the root thoughts and causes of my mental health issues and stressor. I’m still dealing with these causes but, if I focus on breathing and relaxing in the moment, it can help me get in the zone in bed


I have not tried it for sex, but it has made immense difference in other areas of my life. It is more useful to notice thoughts than running around and going crazy with them.

Haven’t really tried it yet, but hoping it helps in all areas I clouding the bedroom.

Haven’t really tried it yet, but willing to try. Hoping it helps in all areas including the bedroom.

I’ve done Christian meditation, but never meditation intended to improve my sex life or sexual anxiety. I’m eager to try it.

I had zero idea how to meditate and still learning and how to just focus on me to help me cleanse my brain.

I haven’t tried it for any real purpose beyond calming my mind. No consistent habit at the moment. But excited to try.

Meditation helps me feel at ease and more positive within myself, which in turns flows into being more at ease and positive in bedroom situations

Meditation is the act of being in the moment, so after preforming meditation for a while I can say that it has a GREAT impact on how you particiapte in sex. It makes sex more intimate and IN THE MOMENT. Frankly, it helps your brain realize that sex is going on and not just entirely different thoughts that are just distractions that will make you lose interest or even go limp mid-intercourse.

I’ve only just started to become open to the idea of meditation - but I’m hopeful it will help

Meditation is not easy for me, but when I am able to meditate it helps clear my mind of all the stresses of work etc. and be more in the moment. I’ve found that being in the moment helps me focus on the pleasure I’m experiencing and not just “getting the job done”.

I think that meditation will help clear my mind from spectatoring or putting pressure on myself and just be in the moment

I have yet to try meditation, but my mind is filled with too many thoughts and self doubt

Meditation has completely transformed my life, but I have not focused its intention around things in the bedroom, it will be awesome to focus more on this now. I am open to healing this domain of my life!

Haven’t done any so I don’t know.

Anytime I do something similar to meditation, I feel much more relaxed and calm and connected with my own body.

I want to do more meditation, as I am sure that it will really benefit me. I believe that it will help me reduce my anxiety, while also helping me to be more in touch with my body