Identifying the inner critic during soft penis pleasuring

“Your soft dick looks ugly”

“Remember last time you were like this?”

Why didn’t I get an erection. Calming myself down saying that’s the point.

Had a mix of feelings. It didn’t feel like much of anything and I was thinking how ugly my penis is. but after a while it got hard and wouldn’t go down. So a bit confusing!

I kept getting hard so I had to keep stopping but when I was worrying the went down fast compared to when I was worrying it lasted for a bit

The inner critic noticed how small my penis is when totally soft. Also that it seemed smaller than it used to be. Also made natural comparisons to other soft penises I’ve seen and made me wish I was bigger when soft…wish to be much thicker and have more girth and weight or heaviness when soft.

The first couple of thoughts were this is funny as hell doing this . Then I started to think about manscaping and how when I’m flaccid my dick looks smaller with the bush I got. Never really worried about that for when I’m hard tho. I did also wonder if my partner thinks there’s something funny about my soft dick.

I weirdly started having a sense of gratitude that I had this living, working thing that might not be perfect, but it was still mine. Bizarre feelings of almost that I’d been taking it for granted and that I should appreciate having the opportunity even to make things better. Strange!

Just for a bit don’t get hard. Im noticing my inner critic to tell m what not to do, causing doubt and overthinking of what I should not do. it was fun though

At first, my inner critic was saying - Why aren’t you hard? And then I kept going and after I relaxed a bit and attempted to NOT get hard, I did…

Still told myself I should be getting hard

You’re never gonna get hard again. It’s over.

You’re never gonna get hard when you want to again. It’s over.

It brought back images of a time I sent soft with my most recent partner.

Inner critic focus is on how it’s small and ‘useless’ when it’s soft. Completely centred around its functional obligations but also on the embarrassing feeling of it looking and feeling smaller

Why aren’t you getting an erection, obviously doesn’t help with getting an erection!!

I noticed a very strong inner critic. There was a consistent sense of expectation asking
…“why aren’t you hard”…?..
I like the exercise because its all right to be soft…sometimes.

my inner critic wondered if I could get an erection

I definitely felt a feeling of embarrassment at first, but then I came to the realization that its just a penis.

My inner critic made me angry. It reminded me of all the times I was soft when I didn’t want to be.

I didn’t do the exercise. There’s no way for me to not get hard