Identifying the inner critic during soft penis pleasuring

What did the inner critic say to you when you tried soft penis pleasuring? How do you think those thoughts impact performance anxiety for you?

If you didn’t notice the inner critic this time, take a moment to see what other guys are saying.

Started being concerned that o should be getting an erection because I was touching it. And also, that this might be all I’ll get during sex.

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Whenever I got an erection from touching it, inner critic labelled my penis a failure when I left it to go soft. Inner critic was telling me it’s a defective penis.

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That I should be getting an erection if I was a virile sexual man.


That this may not work but it was short lived when I started to relax, focus on the feeling, and not care whether I got hard or not

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I should be getting hard. Why isn’t this making you hard? You’ve got a dead dick. Inner critic was on a mad one!

Whenever I had in my mind that I don’t want my penis to get hard and just please him when he is soft, it somehow was super easy to get an erection. I guess that’s a first step to realize that with the right thoughts an erection isn’t that difficult to achieve :slight_smile:

It’s cool how when you are intentionally preventing yourself from feeling the desperate desire to get hard (by setting the opposite goal for yourself), you focus entirely on sensation and get hard naturally. Now what’s got to happen is that I’ve got to have this same peace of mind and focus on sensation/pleasure while with a partner so that erections become natural again.

You want to get hard? Ok here u go. Oh wait but now you don’t want to use me… see if I’ll ever work for you again

It’s time to get hard cause but wait why are you getting hard. I am touch so softly and gently. Used to get ahead what’s wrong now.

Just didn’t feel strong in it

Started to think it should be hard, started to worry it wasn’t good enough when soft.

Thinking about times when I was with previous partners and my dick was soft. It seems to just pop in my mind and then I overthink the erection.

I actually took some time, first in long time, to appreciate my penis. I suppose I just felt good about it for 10 minutes, in soft and semi States.

How inadequate and unimpressed I was with it

I found that as I just play around with the touching, it was mostly around around head. I was doing it peacefully and calm, no serial stimulation at all. The sensation I was feeling was all that was in my mind and it seemed to keep leading to elections. Its interesting to see that more focus on enjoying the touch as opposed to focusing on getting or not getting hard leads to some results.

Was worried why it wasn’t getting hard and that I can never get it hard.

A few times I felt like I should be getting hard since I was touching it. Noticed how small it is soft

A few times I felt like I should be getting hard since I was touching it. Noticed how small it is soft

All the sex negative thoughts came to mind but I tried to stop them. Then I got worried “I know I’m not supposed to get hard but why I’m not hard??” a few times but tried to step back. I was pleasurable but not entirely. But I can understand what this assignment means and I’ll try it more