Identifying the inner critic during soft penis pleasuring

Inner critic was reminding me how it felt Everytime I’ve tried to have intercourse recently and not get an erection. It was making me feel embarrassed

I thought that I should be getting hard - the idea that most guys get hard from just about anything, and how that doesn’t seem to apply to me.

whenever I started touching it, I started getting an erection after about 3 minutes, so I stopped. Then I tried again and got an erection even faster. It’s frustrating because I can easily get erections when I’m alone but as soon as a woman is with me I completely go limp.

I must be honest I didn’t feel anything in particular… it was me touching my soft penis. Didn’t hear spontaneous inner critic presence. I needed to force myself to think about it in order to make it present… Let’s see how next times will go!

Yep it doesn’t work

You’ll never get hard with a partner. This would be the best you can hope for

My thoughts were that this feels nice not being pressured to get aroused. I experimented with different ways to touch, pressure, and speed. I noticed details about my penis I had overlooked. Frequently, I thought how cute and innocent it looks when it’s flaccid.

I started to get hard, but it didn’t stay. Was precumming all over the place

started getting concerned that I was not going to get an erection

Due to stimulation it asked me why am I not getting hard . Making me question wether I will get hard for sex

Definitely was weird that it was either soft and or semi but very fully. So it made me feel why wouldnt it be rock hadd

worried that this is me forever. didn’t get hard and I felt that when I get touched I should get hard!

When I stopped caring I found myself getting hard. Not fully but a lot more than I have been lately

I wondered if it would get hard, then it did without the need for porn, not done that for years. Then I Let it go soft again.
Did worry as it took a long time before it did get hard, but then the exercise was not to get hard… quite a strange concept to get my head around.

started off feeling like i should be getting hard and that my grower not shower soft penis was weird and no one would ever want to see that. but then as i let those thoughts go i started to enjoy my penis and study it and eventually did start getting hard. it was interesting that the goal was to remain soft.

My inner critic was saying things like “were touching it but it’s not getting hard” or “why aren’t we hard yet, we’re touching it but it’s not hard”.

That it should be easy to get hard. It should be hard just from touching it.

I was thinking about how it had failed me before so many times.

It’s said look what you have to do to try to get hard. Also there’s that burning anxiety in my chest too

why the fuck arent you getting hard, you let me down