Identifying the inner critic during soft penis pleasuring

My mind was pulled in a million different directions: so I didn’t notice anything to be honest.

I was thinkg is this the time to get erection? What will happen next time?

That I should be getting an erection

A mood of anxiety and a fear of being seen as less than; of being experienced as less than their expectation or less than satisfying in bed.

Well I had to masterbate because it got semi hard right away and wanted something. After that i started the 10 minutes. Noticed it’s very small. Definitely time to trim. My inner critic was fairly kind. Our compliments included how it was the first to make my last gf orgasam from penetration only (she was young(22) but had 5 or 6 partners before me) so really giving myself a bit of a boost of confidence. Really starting to make me realize It’s purely psychological that i can’t get hard sometimes.


It felt weird and wondering why I wasn’t hard.

i feel like on the first exercise, my inner critic tried to get in my head and take over, but there was something blocking it from winning and taking over. maybe that’s a step in the right direction? i believe that it might be

That this wasn’t going to do me any good

It said it would be different if someone else was here with me. It said it would different if there was a condom. It said the Penis was small.

He bought up a time recently when I went soft as a women got on top and tried to ride me, it went soft and tried to link being soft with being a bad thing, but I imagined my inner critic as a little version of me and I’m so much bigger and stronger I tried batting him away, I imagine it from a scene in the worms games when u use a baseball bat to hit someone off the edge, I managed to just enjoy the sensations of touching my soft penis without worrying, I felt very calm and enjoyed it

You are not getting hard, and if you do won’t last

You are not getting hard, and if you do won’t last.

My inner critic pointed out that I got hard very quickly when touching myself, I figured out that from my years of watching porn and masturbating I have developed a trigger of pleasing myself so when it comes down to someone else it is sometimes not as intense of a hard on and is a sun couscous state I need to get over

It felt great. I really did feel neutral

“if you can’t stay hard, they’ll think you’re not attracted to them”

My inner critic was saying I was weird for doing this.

My inner critic was mostly criticizing how I was semi hard the whole exercise haha. Saying I’m
Not big enough or good enough to top.

It puts the pressure on myself to be a good top, or that I need a big penis to provide pleasure to somebody.

My inner critic was pretty quite during the process, I was focusing on feeling, touching and experiencing my soft penis without any anger that usually occurs when I cannot get an election. As there was no pressure to get hard.

Well I honestly thought about sex. I imagined myself have great sex with women I am truly attracted to. I was having oral sex, anal sex, and all of these women had big butts which is what I like. Or at least what I have seen on porn lol!