How much do Women actually like Penetrative Sex?

I’ve been living with ED pretty much my whole life, psychologically brought on from some formative years experiences.

Far long this journey, I feel like I’m starting to internalize the fact that most woman don’t really need sexual penetration (from a penis) to be satisfied. There are so many other ways they gain pleasure, the same for myself (male).

My question is - does anyone have any anecdotes, facts, articles, stats etc that confirm (or deny) this perspective?

This is one brilliant podcast that has been updating my beliefs on this:

Much love x

Like most things, I think it depends on the woman, however, I believe it is true for a lot of women. One thing I will say though, is most men do and therefore, if they are not seeking it from their partners, it can cause their partners to become self conscious and worried that love is gone or their men aren’t attracted to them anymore.