How long on average before results start happening?

I’m 50, come out of a 23yr relationship, have 2 kids and a menopausal ex who fell for her gym instructor (how stereo-typical is that eh?).

2 yrs later, and without sex, I’ve just met an absolutely amazing woman. She’s 52 and looks fantastic. We’ve had sex maybe 5 times, each time for 3 or 4 hrs (she is hot and horny after a difficult divorce). But each time, I get an erection it doesn’t last long enough for full penetrative sex. It’s disappointing and embarrassing (although we still have a very good time).

It’s like a cruel joke - I used to get hard instantly, be stiff every morning and now, even though I have found a totally beautiful woman, I can barely stay hard. I end up masturbating to relieve the pressure.

I’ve been using Mojo for a week, so not expecting overnight results, but wondered on average, how long have people found it takes before getting improvement in erection time?

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Being 50….Im 52 myself, you gottta figure out if its a mental
Issue or physical….could be a low
Free testosterone issue. I started have some ED issues a few months ago, which basically threw me into a whole whirl wind of mental emotions, self doubt and was causing me to bury myself before I even got started. Long story short….had my blood work done and I was pretty damn low on my free testosterone. I’m now taking 500mg shots weekly of test to get me back to normal levels. Between that and using this app to conquer the inner critic and push through the performance anxiety of not being able to stay hard to perform…it will get better for sure. Also, talk to your partner, especially if it’s in a loving relationship….helps allot and kinda takes the pressure off.
I’ve never ever had a problem, actually was the complete opposite, could get hard if the wind blew right. That being said…once I had the ED issue a few times, it created allot of self doubt, huge blow to my macho ego (lame) and created more issues that didn’t really exist….was all in my head. Sooooo….between all that and to
Answer your initial question….about 1 month for me. Everyone is different though and ya gotta put the work in. Don’t judge yourself so harshly (easier said than done) and give yourself grace. We’re not getting any younger and shit happens….just gotta tame that inner critic asshole beating you down and get your blood work taken. Good luck


I’m 35; took me six months but finally worked through it. Was mental; I now appreciate myself more, have a lower bar, am more relaxed, and am porn free. Everything is better.

Going in I would have hoped for about a 48 hour fix… keep with it and hang in there.


Splits have a way of really hurting our self confidence. I’m experiencing that now after an ex left me for someone else. I’d communicate with her openly. It helps a lot to talk with who you’re with and not just silently beat yourself up for not performing the way you want.