How do you plan to simmer?

I plan to be more open and honest when those feelings do arise, and fight any embarrassed or (self inflicted) fear of rejection that may come from them.

Direct eye contact; verbal cues; take into a count some of the previous exercised that focus attention to particular parts of your partners’ bodies; go back to talking.

Subtle touches while watching movie.
Grabbing their head while kissing.
Giving looks to each other. Eye contact.

Cheeky ass grabs :slight_smile:

I’m not in a relationship, but I really like the idea of self-simmering. With work and my after work hobbies, I don’t see many women, so when I do, I need to hold onto those instances in my head and realize what I feel when I see a woman I find attractive. I need to acknowledge those feelings, particularly when they don’t lead to sex.

I think simmering is part of a healthy marriage. My wife and I still hold hands after 22 years because we just love each other. So while I have Ed issues, libido has always been there.

Sending my partner a message

Have more fantasy scenarios run through my head throughout the day

Be honest

Sending messages, longer kisses and loving sensual touches when passing in the kitchen for example.

I’m in a new long-distance relationship, and although i wasn’t aware of simmering before, it basically describes how we have been communicating. We constantly express our interest and appreciation, and i think it has made the long weeks between our meetings more bearable, and when we do see each other again it feels more natural and continuous. I just spent a few great days with her, and now that i’m back home we are still texting this morning, little bits of affection and spice.

Now that i know simmering is an actual practice, and its importance, i will definitely make a conscious effort to always keep this going

Play out scenarios in my head, longer kisses goodbye, tell her she’s sexy

I text my gf that I keep picturing her naked while working and it’s vey distracting.
Or I tell her I think about her soft lips on the way to work after kissing her goodbye in the morning

Kisses in the morning, compliments on how she looks, squeezing her bum.