How do you plan to simmer?

When hugging or touching my partner’s body, I think about how alive this person is. That is a body that I can enjoy and is real! Not some porn fantasy that I watched

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It’s beautiful when you feel the warmth of the body and the softness of the skin
It’s becomes so easy to have sex

I’ve started sexting regularly with my partner who is away travelling for 2 months. It helps us build our sexual relationship, build anticipation and get to know each other’s fantasies better.

I did this with my partner for a good month when I discovered simmering. It works. We fell out of habit with it, but this is a good reminder to start it up again

It is something I did a lot before I went through a trauma triggered by certain events, I see now that I have lost it a bit but I am excited to get back to it and maintain it to reclaim the relationship which I know we both want.

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We are both more comfortable with each other, and the temperature has gotten a little cooler. Definitely am excited to try this out!

I realize sexting is an art - and appreciated if done well!

Like the idea of simmering. Definitely give this a try. Just need to make sure it’s reciprocated.

This is such low hanging fruit that most of us take for granted and let it pass. Sexual flirting is something most of us start with and let it go over time for some reason. So simple and effective

So difficult solo.

Willing to try this out but a bit complicated with my current situation

Wondering if your partner is somewhat avoidant, whether they’ll tend to draw away… definitely should discuss first…