How do you plan to simmer?

Long kisses

Since I’m single for now, I’ll pay attention to what turns me on and riff of that in imaginary scenarios. Will move to flirting and if signals are reciprocated then escalate

Sending texts
Sensual kissing
Reminding my partner what turns me on about them
Telling them how sexy they are
Reminding them of something sexy they or we did


I’m single so I’m gonna to focus on my imagination and what turns me on.

Long kiss

A more passionate kiss, a more firm embrace upon meeting and partying. Perhaps some firm pressure with a hand on the small of her back, or on her thigh or butt, or maybe running my fingers through her hair or onto the back of her neck to pull her in. Affirmative whispers in her ear.

Being more direct about how I feel versus being more coy like normal.

Noticing my wife more often and drawing our attention to each other

Long kisses

I’m single now, but I will think about my previous sex encounters, and I will use my imagination with the women I’m about to date.

Also, does reading erotic stories help build up libido ? I want to try this, too. It believe this will help me level up my sexting game.

Long kisses and butt squeezes!

More attention

Fantasy practice

More flirting and passionate moments

Fantasy, touch with my date tomorrow, kissing her for the first time, flirting.

Telling them I can’t wait to see them. Kissing them passionately when greeting or departing