How do you keep the sexual flow going?

I just try to relax and get out of my head. Try different positions or different things. If i start to go soft I’ll go down on my partner until I’m ready to go back in

Talking about the situation in hand, worst case masturbating while she masturbates but that can be a little awkward with a new partner

By being touched

I had difficulties maintaining an erection with condoms due to my concern that with a condom on i have much less sensation during penetration. Putting them on wouldnt trigger it but the thought of loosing sensitivity would. My partner tried other contraception for us however it wasnt working so now we dont use any protection. Due to my ED and delayed orgasm we have been lucky so far but its not a good solution.

I think that two things that could be really good and helpful would be having my partner/girl kiss my neck or something as I’m putting on the condom, or I could try putting the condom on me while I’m eating her out, or maybe she could put it on me in 69 lol

Right now I try to just think about having sex with my girlfriend which might not be good because then it’s setting a goal and adding pressure. I’m already turned on I don’t need to get horny I need to relax. Focusing on the feelings of touch would be a better way

By focusing on touch and sensation.

I’ve never had enough sexual experiences to really know! I suppose extending foreplay prior to penetration may help but would need to try it of course

If I can’t get it up, I stop trying and focus on giving her more pleasure.

When I’m feeling like I am losing an erection I try to focus on how I feel and appreciate more. When I was younger and needed to last longer, I would distract myself so I didn’t come, now I should enjoy being able to focus on the pleasure in order to stay hard longer.

I don’t know what to do. Sometimes breathing deep breaths helps. Sometimes rotating my pelvis back while being touched helps. Sometimes they don’t help

With the wife I often stroke myself or do dirty talk. I’m still trying to figure out how to do it with a swinger party.

Well for me it’s kissing and just the fact that my partner is actively involved with me sexual.

Dirty talk and extra for play

Focus on the feelings. Don’t feel pressured for it to be intercourse. Go down on someone and take your time. Listen. Smell. Touch. Taste. Talk. Enjoy the experience for what it is, it doesn’t have to be sex every single time.

As of right now. I don’t. Once I lose my erection it’s pretty much game over. My brain takes over and puts me in panic mode.

Leg strokes or ball play keeps arousal going usually, or ideally some dirty talk and eye contact. Unfortunately being single for many years it’s hard to tell women for the first time what I need/enjoy, but as you get more comfortable it’s useful to tell them. It’s easier to have sex with someone I know well than strangers. Nothing works though if they are low effort and it feels forced. I believe porn has very much damaged my expectations on these experiences though and yet to experience women like this in real life of course; even if they have been very beautiful.

Presence and communication

Actually I haven’t thought about keeping the sexual flow thing even though I do feel something isn’t right or I just suddenly lose the mood completely when it’s time to wrap up the foreplay and start the intercourse. Most of the time I don’t think I’m fully turned on when I should perform penetration. Now I’m considering to let my partner do some oral stuff while I’m getting prepared.

As soon as she says she is ready. I roll over and get on top the critic starts talking. Then I get shaky and start panicking. I get anxious and nervous. Then poof erection gone. No problem staying hard with foreplay.