How do you keep the sexual flow going?

Condoms have been a point of stress ever since I started. The way foreskin interacts with the condom was confusing when I first started, and I never figured out what was “supposed” to happen. To be honest the best way to keep the flow going has been to not use condoms, which is often absolutely the wrong solution

For condom anxiety I’ve found that watching my partner roll the condom over my penis instead of doing it myself really does provide sexual excitement. Also in other situations where I’m not hard enough to penetrate although that’s the next step is to just make a joke about it and take the sting out of the situation. That releases some tension and it helps if you have an attentive partner that is willing to ask the open-ended question “What do you like me to do?”

Think about partner having orgasm

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I can’t get the sexual flow going let alone keep it

Just by playing with her body until she is really hot and ready to come almost. I enjoy pleasing a woman first.

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I guess a lot of it depends on how well the pills are also helping with the “placebo effect” of giving me the confidence I don’t feel I have without them. I would like to perform without pills but unless this app is a miracle, might not ever be able to. So I have to trust that they’ll do their thing and make my penis work. Chemistry with a partner helps, sensuality, fingering. Having random hookups with various men sometimes adds to pressure. Familiarity and chemistry can help, but also build pressure. Sometimes the anonymity of a stranger takes the pressure off. I don’t know whether it’s better or worse to have a partner with whom you could talk. Not all of us are lucky enough to find anyone who will stick around or who is worthy of a relationship.

I need to be the one to take charge because I prefer intimacy to be more slow, almost gentle and methodical and she likes it fast and rough.
Oral sex can be weird because I really like to give it to the point where I stop thinking about my own arousal, which is good because I forget about the anxiety but bad because I apparently forget to get an erection too.

Swapping positions sometimes helps. Or reminding myself that the experience isn’t just about me. It’s about them too and focussing on their pleasure can take me out of my head.

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Keep kissing while putting on the condom, or have her help.

I start performing oral so that she is satisfied and it gives me chance to “regroup”

Thru dirty sex and i love going down on her. Make me feel good that the enjoy it when i do

I had a very inactive sexual life in the last years of my marriage. Too much masturbation made loose of sensitivity. Now after the divorce in my new relationship despite of the desire I could not keep the erection with the condom. It is frustrating though she is very patient.

We try to keep the sexy talk going and my girlfriend try’s to be supportive if there is a mishap and we try to move quickly to something else and keep it going hopefully.

Asking the partner to pleasure herself as this generally gets me turned on

I don’t have sexual flow to begin with unfortunately. The thing that gets me going again though is touching or grazing almost around my you know what. I’ve tried dirty talk, I’ve tried rough grabbing on her part, I’ve tried fingering, I’ve tried going down on her, hell I even asked her to play with me after I had lost my hard and it still didn’t come back.

By transitioning to things that will please her. Sometimes when I do that I will get more into the flow and boom my election comes back but it doesn’t happen all the time

I will try to have my girlfriend put the condom on and see if that helps

Kissing, touching on other parts of the body - focusing on smells, sounds, sights. And if the spectator is still freaking out, trying to love him. Send him love. He is afraid that his heart will be hurt. And taking just a moment to acknowledge that, and love it, sometimes helps me return to the moment and continue following the flow of the moment.

Intimate kissing can help. Or the use of a toy like a vibrator.

Kissing, touching her and she’ll stroke me.