How do you keep the sexual flow going?


Oral sex and hearing the enjoyment helps.

Touch, and getting her more involved in the condom process. Laughter.

Dirty talk and touching the body

I would imagine that talking to the partner about it openly, jokingly and exploring the options together might help both the sey and the bodning. Affection given from the partner would during the condom applying moment would surely work for me. Going in the bedroom without the preassures of the day helps too.

Use lube or spit. Get them to help put it on with you. Eye contact.

It’s been years since I last had sex, and my sexual experiences are actually very limited, so I’m not sure how I would answer this question. But recently I have been trying to focus on the other sensations involved in arousal (besides a hard penis): for me these are harder pecs, more sensitives soles of my feet, and kind of a tingling sensation throughout my legs.

Sometimes just touching and continuing foreplay to a certain point. Also, teasing my partner’s genitals.

I wish I knew

Calling on sensations that sink me back into my body; having my partner kiss my ears, neck, small bites… Things that actually trigger a physical reaction and remind me that sex is happening here, in our bodies, not something that is just playing in my mind

I plan to focus on what I am feeling whilst she is putting the condom on. Focussing on her and everything about the amazing person in front of me.

Let her blow you while you are opening the package or such. Also my girlfriend often playa with my balls while I put it in

Just taking a moment to breath with the condom wrapper open and try to clear your head. Talk with your partner for a second or crack a joke has worked for me.

Making out

Continuing to touch

Continuing with foreplay and not going straight to sex seems to get me past this barrier.

Try to stay relaxed, enjoy the moment you’re in, don’t think about just trying to finish, don’t rush it.

sometimes, i focus on smell, or her sound , just asking her to say certain sexual things, guiding her hands towards my genitals and having her coress

Allowing a moment to breathe and isolate and eradicate unwanted thoughts and feelings and return to the enjoyment of touching and being with my partner

I haven’t ever tried something to keep the flow going when trying to put on a condom, but I really like the idea! I think watching my partner masterbate rather than wait/watch me is a great idea, and one I will discuss with her and get her view on