How do you keep the sexual flow going?

Kissing, touching, licking, oral, porn

Touching my partner and pleasing her sexually helps

I watch porn during sex sometimes.

Stop thinking about the situation altogether

Being in the moment, enjoying my partner n how she enjoys me

Embarrassing, but if it doesn’t naturally keep going, sometimes I’ll stop. I’ll make sure my partner gets off and just not worry about me. Some times it’s not a issue other times it is. With condoms instead of doing it all at one time I’ll break up the task: four play (open condom & sit aside), more four play focused more on me, put the condom on and hopefully success

I keep the sexual flow going by trying to think of sexual moments or ideas

Touching the other person helps. I think (largely because of porn) men are visual, so I try to be able to see her whilst putting a condom on.
I’ll sometimes put her on her front and touch her whilst putting the condom on, focussing on me touching her rather than putting on the condom

Receiving oral allows me time to calm myself down, not having to do anything besides sit/lay there. It’s in this time I’m able to take myself out of “spectator mode”. Giving her oral might help too, though if my mind is too far gone into spectator mode, I often start to feel almost robotic in my actions, and it’s hard to settle myself enough to calm down while I’m also hyper focused on what I’m doing with my hands/mouth. Oftentimes though, even if I can calm myself, I am hypersensitive to falling back into spectator mode once it has already happened in that sessions. I’m hoping I can learn how to not be as hypersensitive to it if it does happen once.

My girlfriend always reaches for the condoms and slips it into my hand whilst kissing me. When I need to put it on I get her to hold the tip whilst I pull it down my penis - in that way it feels like we’re both involved

When I focus on the pleasure of how nice it feels to touch my partner, I usually get into the flow again, especially when I do that with my whole body or when I slide with my penis over his body. This creates a very pleasant sensation.

I like to go down on my partners while I put the condom on, or ask them to put it on for me. It’s maybe not as quick and smooth as if I just stop and do it myself, but it doesn’t have to be.

I guess relaxing and breathing?!
Use the 5 senses?

Touching May be

By talking about what turns me on, kissing or making out.

Keep your partner with getting condom

having my partner put the condom on is a great way, also her sucking or touching my balls are great! i think that would be a great way to start

Having my partner help me with the condom or go down on me beforehand helps to keep the flow going. Also, having my partner continue to touch me affectionately as I deal with the condom keeps me going.

having her undress me

An admission:
If I’m not very turned on, it’s not going to work out. Seems pretty simple. I have been mildly turned on many times and managed to have sex until I came. I’ve also lost boners.
I want to say that I haven’t lost a boner when I’ve been very, truly turned on.
Is that the source of all this? Is all this anxiety talk bullshit? Doesn’t it really come down to feeling turned on or not? Are many of us merely fucking the wrong partner or date? Is it that simple? Is the ED just a biological stimulus saying, “nope. Not the one! Try another!”?