How do you keep the sexual flow going?

i have her give me head and put it on for me. Thats the only way ive used it

I change to doing something to please the other guy without penetration, usually going back to running them for a time as I enjoy doing it and it takes my mind off the pressure of being erect for penetration.

I just masturbate her, I like hearing the moans and all that. I can mantain an erection perfectly up to the point where my dick is out and I have to put on a rubber.

When I’m comfortable

I focus on making her orgasm.
Once she has, it’s easier for me to enjoy it.

Me and my partner have agreed to make sex a destination-free journey. There is no expectation of climax and we both really love just being sensual and intimate. That helps the flow a lot. I’m very lucky to have an extremely patient lover that accepts me and my limitations completely.

From the discussion posts, seems like being open an honest about the condom process can be very helpful. I get turned on when I see she’s turned on, so masterbation and eye contact could help get through the transition.

It makes sense how bad spectating is, which is exactly what a partner will usually do while we wait for me to put on the condom.

It may not be a good habit but it somewhat helps when I fantasize about getting fellatio whenever the sexual flow pauses.

Maintaining sensual touch too while you’re putting on a condom or switching positions also helps.

Keeping physical contact, asking her to masturbate, telling her what you want to do to her,kissing, touching everywhere

Trying to just connect with them, eye contact and touch helps alot

we persist with having sex, and eventually I get hard enough

Having someone put the condom on you. If you don’t get an erection immediately then just focus on pleasuring your partner

By continuing to touch but listen to my body instead of trying to rush it. Know that my body is capable of good erection and let it come. Don’t try to force it in a second. Stay in the moment to keep the flow going

Having my wife put the condom on would help. Also, as much as I love making her the focus of foreplay, that can mean I don’t get stimulated for some time. So I want to focus on keeping the sexual flow going for both of us and not just worrying so much that I’m making her feel good.

Touching or pleasuring my partner when she’s pleasuring me, I’ve always been a very touch sensitive person in bed. I also do like to watch her whole body. I only tend to look at my penis when I can feel it not getting hard. Kissing is a must as well

Change my focus back to her body

For condoms? I don’t use them much with my gf now, but I used to have to get it out of the package and flipped the right way while she was keeping it hard; then put it on super quick and….jump in. For my issues with changing positions, I try to focus on changing up the speed, angle, and intensity a lot so the lack of different positions during a session isn’t as noticeable

Foreplay, connection and dirty talk

İf i dont think :slight_smile:

Focusing on the physical sensations, not my performance. Telling myself its ok to not be hard