How do you keep the sexual flow going?

I love running my hands over my girl’s body and taking it in visually. I focus on her reactions and how good it feels to be with her and it can help me be fully present again.

just keep trying. keep kissing and stop worrying about failing

Constant touch and affection. Talking through with floor play words.

I feel like I have to be the one in control. Which really sucks because sex starts to feel more like a formula I have created. The truth is I don’t always want to be in control. I want to be ready in all situations. But everything outside of my own control leaves room for doubt and the spectator.


Slowing down a minute, laying back to fully relax and reengaging. Reminding myself it’s ok and this doesn’t have to completely stop right now. Reset.

Go condom shopping or get your partner too. There are varieties out their that you may actually want to try!

Condoms are always tough. I think a big help is moving around to oral or some other kind of touching without dwelling on it not being ready right at that moment.

I just hate it. No pleasure, therefore psychosexual stimulation

I try to multitask and please her while putting it on. Sometimes this leads to overthinking if I can’t do it smoothly

All going well in foreplay and after putting condom the unwanted thoughts like" this will reduce my pleasure and it’ll affect my erection" comes everything goes wrong

In the past when this sex thing came so naturally, I would just be horny and focus on my girlfriend in front of me. The condom thing was barely taking my attention. I was just thinking “the second this thing is on I am jumping on her” and it was rarely a problem. I wish to go back to that simplicity.

Maybe keeping physical contact in some way.

I’ve invited my partner to explore my body’s pleasure zones with the parts of her body i find most sexy.

i haven’t learned yet

Sexy talk

Touching myself or my partner in a meaningful way helps things going. Kissing her is also very stimulating.

Just keep going, trying to get in the moment and shut down inner voices. For instance by kissing.

Kissing and maintaining contact

I would say my partner moaning in my ear while I put on the condom and make her feel herself while doing so would help maintain arousal instead of lying on the bed beside each other