How do you keep the sexual flow going?

Talking to each other

Never been a condom person but definitely the flow concept is important. I find your partner has to be with you in this process. My partner and I discussed what my ex did to my head after going soft twice and she already is trying creative solutions that are working.
The transitioning to pentration can be the death knell for me.
So much head talk telling me I will go soft now.
My first time with my new partner taught me something. I did not expect sex that night.
So when we ended up kissing in the elevator at her workplace, into her basement putting her on the bonnet of her car, throwing clothes off onto the ground and ending in her back seat and saturated in sweat… there was no thinking going on. It was in the moment and she had what she said is one of only a handful of orgasms ever in her life. I’m 50 shes 47.
Avoid mechanical transitions.
Get passionate and let it become organic.
Here’s hoping for more passion and less thinking.

Going from foreplay to intercourse even for just a few seconds is enough to start the softening event

Changing i guess, whatever situation im in for which im not comftable well just change it! For s different position or just playing with my partner

I think possibly incorporating the condom could be helpful. Im going to try that.

Get the girl to continue giving me a bj while I open the condom.

Spooning her in bed and keep a secret condom close - whip it out and open it with both hands in front of her then slide it on while grinding on her

Something I notice that helps me is kissing her all over her body. I start to pay way more attention to the current sensations- visual, smell, touch. I enjoy rubbing her with massage oil and looking at her while I do this. It’s pleasurable for me and for her!

My partner earnestly wants to put me at ease and help me deeply relax, which often involves giving me ASMR and whispering sweet nothings to me. If there’s been a malfunction I’ll just get her to stop for a little while and she’ll automatically enter this ‘mode’

I notice in hindsight that my partner doesn’t do much of touching back. While she loves everything I am doing and I consistently make her finish, I could try to keep the flow by asking her to provide those touching stimuli throughout it. I am a very physically intimate person, both in sex and regular affection.

Intense foreplay showing want and desire with plenty of body contact and deep sensual kissing, rubbing and massaging does it for me.

Talk with partner tell her not to give up. I remind her I am in my head. Let me relax and reconnect.

clinging to my partner and smells help and comfort and reassurance. Understanding in the moment what my partner needs.

Kissing or playing with nipples, what i do is i avoid the penetration thing in the sex and get invovled in oral where i need not to use my dick

Alcohol. Not great, and is working less and less, but that’s why I’m here. My ex-wife and I starting hooking up when we were dating and usually pretty tipsy. When the honeymoon phase of the marriage started to wear off I started to realise we didn’t have great sexual chemistry. We tried talking about ways of dealing with it, but by that point it was too late.

Making sure she is ready to go before attempting penetration is important because if there is a barrier here then I blame this on my erection, when it likely that she needs more time and stimulation

usually we can’t. there is too much focus on the sex not working . I keep trying but my wife then gets disengaged. sex is over.

Kissing and caressing and breathing deeply to regain composure.

I will desire my woman putting the condom on for me

I don’t even think about that honestly because I’m so consumed/worried by the thought of going limp that how to keep things going isn’t even in the table… sad and it’s very discouraging.

Impossible, condoms are game over.