How do you keep the sexual flow going?

I dont, I usually roll off of her and then feel like I have to give an explanation of why I didn’t finish and reassure her that it isn’t her and she is sexy to me.

Kissing, nipples being touched, pinched, etc…

Put on the condom while my parter masturbates and I watch her.

By continuing to do exciting things, like talking in a sensual nature, or kissing & feeling parts of the body while they do the same to you.

I’m not really sure, and to be honest I don’t really know which areas of my body help to keep me turned on. Perhaps I need to explore, or perhaps, like was mentioned in the video, I could include her in the putting on of the condom and try to blend it into the foreplay.

Sometimes I like to just stroke them while getting blown a think about their body

Gentle look at the other person and forget about yourself and let them turn you on again

Can’t feel sexual pleasure, so how is it possible to get a flow going?

I try to focus on things we are doing to each other not associated with our genitals. Like where her hands are on my body, where I am kissing her, grabbing her, how our legs are wrapped up together. I get a lot of enjoyment out of those feelings and it helps me detach from spectatoring on my erection or lack thereof and enjoy her as a whole. When I’m really focused on these things, the erection comes naturally.

Getting head

I’ve noticed that sometimes if we’re just cuddling or just holding each other in bed, we progressively hold each other tighter and tighter and it might sound sound weird but it’s like animalistic urges kick in and we both just have to have each other. It’s often been our best sex aswell because it’s purely natural and no thoughts get involved, it’s all just in the moment