Having issues keeping erection during certain positions

Hey everyone. I have had a long history I feel of watching too much porn, and have done it almost every time while laying on my back. Now it seems these days while I’m having sex in positions while on my knees or standing up, I don’t keep an erection long at all. Would having jacked off so long on my back be a main contributor or cause to this problem? Thoughts?


Could be a blood pressure thing and that different positions have varying loads on your body’s vascular system but I would take a harder look at your porn consumption as the culprit here. The effects of porn are far reaching and if the consumption is severe (multiple times a day) you have effectively rewired your brain to the point where ED is almost guaranteed unless the sex you are having matches the porn you are watching. I would suggest (not a doctor, fyi, just personal experience) that you detox from the porn for a bit and see what happens. Best of luck to you, bro.


Yeah, have a similar situation. Not that I can’t get hard standing but can only cum when I’m on my back. I have stuck with a usual routine for jerking off or sex with partner but gonna try out something new and start to jerk off in the shower and try to focus on the sensation, rather than thinking I’m not going to be able to cum and then giving up.