Has anyone tried NoFap?

99% of my issue is/was psychological. I’ve been down a long road over the past 2 years.

My wife and I almost got a divorce due to some relationship issues not directly around sex, but the anxiety of it all caused severe depression and anxiety… and ensuing issues.

I stopped eating, sleeping, my testosterone dipped into the 1&200’s, I got on Testosterone injections, took tadalafil, joined mojo, got in therapy, joined men’s groups…

I was “broken” and desperately attempting to fix myself.

All that to say that I realized a lot through the process -

  1. I used porn to cope with stress when our relationship wasn’t good.
  2. I was focusing more on porn than a relationship with my wife because I was tired of rejection and the hurt of it.
  3. It became a habit, and then I likely flooded my brain with dopamine that was harder to achieve the longer it went.

I’ve stopped looking at porn, been through the reset phase to some extent, but struggling with wanting to cut out masturbation. I think it’s healthy, but I also would gladly sacrifice that for a better (or even the existence) of a sex life.

We stopped trying because she feels undesireable when I can’t perform due to anxiety/spectatoring, and it’s become a massive point of anxiety for both of us.

I hate where we’re at, and am willing to try anything. Has anyone had luck w/ nofap or “rebooting”?

Thanks for sharing your story.

In the past (about 3-4 years ago), I tried no fap and it worked - meaning I got hard easier and somewhat harder, in exchange for shorter action time (sometimes didn’t last long enough to please my partner)

Last year, my problem was more severe. I thought doing the same thing I did would help, and it didn’t. I didn’t masturbate for a couple of months, which is something I never tried, and it didn’t help.

I believe the reason it worked in the past is because I was exhausting myself with masturbation before the real action. (within 24h or less)

By now, I figure out (or at least I think) that my problem is performance anxiety, so (for me) no fap couldn’t fix it. I don’t think I have that same problem 3 years ago.