First time actually enjoying sex in 5 years!

Met a girl last night and she ended up coming back to mine. When we got to bed we got kissing and touching but literally nothing happened in the willy department​:sob:. I told her I wanna take it really slow tonight coz I get performance anxiety and she was totally cool with it​:100:. Eventually the willy got hard but it got soft while inside her :rage::rage::-1:t2::-1:t2::-1:t2:. This repeated a couple of times but each time I maintained the stiffy longer than the last. At like 6/7am we were clearly very horny and got back onto it and we fucked the living shit out of each other for like an hour​:fire::fire::fire::fire:. Boys it’s all in your head. Our erectiles WILL function don’t give up​:bangbang::bangbang:


Good shit bro, right on. I’m hoping this weekend I can show my girl a good time, it’s been months, been avoiding it. But I also talked to her and she’s been patient and I’ve been pressuring her in other ways, but it’s time for Me D to represent goddamnit, enough of this dewr bullshit!