Finding it hard to be positive

I have a lot of trouble concentrating and sticking to completing this. The more I think about my sexual performance anxiety and how it’s affecting my life the more depressed I get.


Dude I know how u feeling… I’m on day 3… and every night I try with my gf nothing happens… look I know I’m new into this and promised myself I’d stick through… but it’s depressing


I am new here as well. But just stick to the exercises and things will start moving in the right direction. I would get the reminder email and thought when is this going to help. less than 2 weeks in and the inner critic does not pop up as often and my thought are now getting better. I know I have a ways to go but can now see progress in the way I am thinking. Good things to come but will take a bit of time. Hang in there man!


Give yourselves time!

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this happened to me in November and I thought FOR SURE it was a two week fix, max.

Issues are deeper than that. It’s ok, mine are too. I didn’t know it, but I was feeling pressured to perform, was nervous about it, and had an addiction to porn that was working against me all that time.

Took me six months, but I’m back in the game now. Things are working again, I’m far less anxious, and the grass is looking greener by the day.

It’s OK! Just give yourself some grace and keep to the process. There will be lows, but you’ll get through them and be better for it after.