Feeling like combination of all problem

I been together with my partner almost 10 years, at the very beginning i have premature ejaculation, just about to put in and cum already.
But after a while it is getting improve if i can put in and not cum in first 1 minute then i can hold for 10 minute, but just 50%. And my parter also have low libido and always feel pain during sex.
So she dont have much passive to have sex.
Last 2 months we try to have sex 5 times only first 2 times we can have sex normally. Another 3 times i just get hard and right before i put in it already go soft again.
So struggle with the sex life.
I dont know what can i do already with mojo first 1 weeks i feel like i am not too nervous in sex last 2 3tjme but still not improve any performance yet.
I dont have ed problem and premature problem with masturbation but i try different way to practice in masturbation and doesnt seems like it help me real sex life

I wonder about your partnerโ€™s pain you mention and feelings about sex. Can you discuss this with them? Spend time focusing on their pleasure and arousal and discovering what they like. There may be a traumatic sexual history for them to manage.

I wonder if their discomfort is a turn off for you - it certainly would be for me - the idea being sex and intimacy are for you both to enjoy. ie are you likely to get turned on when partner is not comfortable- I donโ€™t!

I would work on this side of things as well as the stuff in Mojo.