Erectile dysfunction caused by anxiety

Just wanted to share my experience and what I’m going though and if anyone has any advice to move past this.
I was about to have sexual intercourse with a girl once but for some weird reason I wasn’t feeling nothing, from that day onwards I have been struggling to get erect in general I no longer get erections randomly like I used to,even when masturbating now which was never ever a problem for me,I’m constantly feeling anxious and even depressed about this whole situation as I feel like a freak,I have gone to see a urologist which said that I’m fine in terms of my penis and my health as I’m quite a fit young guy but this whole situation is taking a toll on my mental health and physical well being,the urologist prescribed me with viagra which also isn’t helping I can masturbate but I need to force it and sometimes I can’t get it up at all and when I do it goes down very quickly if I stop masturbating. I may still be anxious about the whole thing which is why this is happening but I don’t understand why it’s not working with masturbation either it just don’t make sense in my head. I have never had any issues with sexual performance with girls as I’ve been actually been with quite a few so I don’t understand I just keep thinking in my head why I didn’t get hard that day. Does anyone have any advice of what it could be that I’m going through as I’m actually starting to feel very suicidal about the whole situation feel like a part of me has died.